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hey everyone,

I need to repost this as had written this in the wrong spot. I replied to Hello World instead of creating a new post. apparently i had not actually logged in so there was my error.

anyway, please read my post. originally written Feb 23rd.

Ok Jake. step back for a moment, count to ten, big deep breath and begin. you can do this.
here we go everybody… I’m blogging! this is pretty much the same approach our students use to writing – Just get started!
Grade 3-6 are in the initail stages of implementing the daily 5 with our students. this has been bolstered by the wonderful work Sue Hinton is doing with us and the fact the P-2 unit began Daily 5 last year.
So what have we been doing in our classrooms? well in my classroom we spent the first few weeks choosing “Good Fit” books and building our stamina for reading to self. we have also been reading to others and listening to reading. this have been working well when our grade 3/4s link in with our grade 5/6s. Teachers have been using this time to observe reading behaviours of their students.
In recent weeks we have shifted our attention to writing and working on words. Sue has been fantastic at modelling how we can go about this in our classrooms. I have finally begun to put up those anchor charts so the children are conatantly reminded of expectations and strategies . I have found the observation of students a little challenging as I naturally want to assist and help students however it has given a greater insight as to the behaviours of some children and their feelings towards literacy -some love it, some are anxious about it, some are just compliant. All in all, I must say we are making progress here in 3/4S and looking forward to the challenges to come.

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  1. Ah ha we’ve found it Jake. The daily five has been great for the students and teachers. I like the way you have all been able to observe the students rather than busily trying to help everyone. We observe a lot in reading recovery and then work out where to go next for the greatest movement. It would be great to be able to video a student writing and we could all discuss it together while we watch. Sounds like a plan. What observations did notice about the children when they were writing? Did you see any strategies being used to help them write?
    Hopefully we’ll be able to read more of your posts this term,
    Cheers from Jenny

  2. Dear Mr Saddlier,
    Well done on publishing your first post! Awesome.
    Firstly, I will declare that you seem to be speaking a different language to the one we shared last year! LOL Although I have been spending 1 hour with the grade 5/6 students each Monday and have picked up ‘read to self’ and ‘good fit’ book so it’s just baby steps as I have different priorities this year. What is obvious to the outside eye is that the teachers all appear very positive about the Daily 5 and the change to their literacy programs so this is a good thing!
    Mrs Davey
    P.S. Did you get a student to write this cos there is a capital letter or two missing??? Haha

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